I’m wrong a lot more than I’m right. I need to remember that. Central to keeping an open mind is realizing that I may currently believe something that is not true.  As often as I am wrong, I probably wrong people like you.  I should hope that people like you forgive me.

But the concept of Forgiveness — the beauty — escapes me. Completely. It doesn’t seem like a beautiful thing. It seems like the ugliest statement one person can make to another: “I Forgive You.”

Forgiveness is not an Act, it’s a Process. In order for me to forgive you, the first thing I would have to do is believe I am in a position to Judge. That would put me above you. “I am smarter than you, and able to discern truth better than you”. I would also have to throw out the religious training I received. That “Judge not, lest ye be judged” thing?  Out the window!

Even God does not judge until the end of the game. I must be better than Him if I have a right to judge a man before he dies, while he still has a chance to make amends.

But back to the process. Now that I am superior to you and capable of judging your actions objectively — not making what I am thinking subjective to your crime against me, a situation any bench judge would recuse himself from — I must find you guilty. Forgiveness requires that you be guilty of something that needs to be forgiven. Duh!

Now that I’ve found you guilty, finally I can forgive you! I can put myself above you, judge you, find you guilty and then I am such a great guy… I Forgive You! I am so damn magnanimous!

Don’t You Dare!  Don’t you dare take my character defects and turn them into assets!  More!  Take my Sins and turn them into Virtues!  I will take that opportunity more often than I will leave it.

Maybe you do need to be forgiven. I don’t know. I DO know you don’t need to be forgiven by a Sanctimonious Prick like me!

I started out saying “I’m wrong a lot more than I’m right”. I may even be wrong in this whole post. I may be 100% off the mark and completely full of it.

I hope you can forgive me!

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