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The Gift of Desperation

A.A. has different danger points than other endeavors.  Like most things in A.A., it is counter-intuitive.  For instance, if you get a job laying brick — and you don’t know how to do it very well — your ass is … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule

This is a thought that has bounced around my head for about 5 years now.  I have hesitated committing it to paper (pixels) because it is heresy.  Heresy is defined as: “a controversial or novel change to a system of … Continue reading

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My Solution is the Problem

1996.  With almost no planning I buy a new car.  Takes me about 10 minutes to decide on a Thunderbird.  My wife brings the kids up while I’m signing the papers.  I’m back outside, salesman’s kissing me goodbye and the … Continue reading

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