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Mustache Bob

Bob is a great guy who used to go to my Homegroup.  He moved south a couple of years ago, but he still comes around from time to time. He has a dandy little mustache, and some of the greatest … Continue reading

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God’s Will

Part 1 – How to Recognize it When I think of how to figure out what God’s will for me is, I think of my uncle Whiting, He’s an Artist (pronounced Ar-Teest). When I say that, I mean he’s not … Continue reading

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A.A. Doesn’t Work

Here’s something you don’t hear at an A.A. meeting very often: A.A. doesn’t work.  You don’t hear it, but it’s true. A.A. doesn’t work.  A.A. is a group of principles, outlined in 12 steps, and explained on 82 pieces of … Continue reading

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