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These are people in recovery who are shocking and outrageous and funny. They remind us how wrong we were when we thought we would never have any fun sober, or that people wouldn’t like us if were weren’t drinking.

Peace Stories

I’m a stickler for program. If someone in an A.A. meeting starts talking some crap that’s not in the book — or worse yet, reading from Hazelden — it really bugs me. I don’t always bust them out on it, … Continue reading

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Toothless Doug

I was about 4 years sober and met a guy at 3333 who said he needed a sponsor. I’m not big on sponsoring people, but I told him I could meet him on Saturday and asked him where would be … Continue reading

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Relationships in the first year – Part II

I’ve got a friend who’s trying to find herself. She’s got another third of her life left — easily — and wants to experience “Sober Intimacy”. It got me thinking more about what the common wisdom in A.A. tells us. … Continue reading

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