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Relates to an idea or phrase from the Big Book, “Alcoholics Anonymous”

How it Works

To my mind, the greatest mystery in A.A. is “How the fuck does this thing work?” It shouldn’t be a mystery, right? I mean at the beginning of every meeting they read “How It Works” from the 5th chapter of the … Continue reading

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My Promise

I don’t pick up medallions. For my years and stuff. Haven’t since my 4 year anniversary. Something changed after that. I’m not as impressed with years of sobriety as I am with something else. As I look back I remember … Continue reading

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An Allergic Reaction

Let me start by saying I love A.A.  I am sober today not because of Rational Emotive Therapy or Moderation Management or any of the hundreds of recovery methods out there. I am sober because of A.A. Maybe they say … Continue reading

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