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Chances are I wouldn’t recognize spirituality if it bit me on the nose, but posts tagged this way are my attempt to examine it.

JT and the Shitty Little Miracle

For much of my time in A.A. I have disparaged my sobriety. Hell, for a long time I lived in the woods. Even today, I live in a tent in Tivo’s back yard. 15+ years since my last drink and … Continue reading

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The Face of God on a Pool Table

I’d never seen pool played before when I was 15 and introduced to the game. A friend had a pool table and a couple of us went over to his house. Two of my friends were playing — I was … Continue reading

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All or Nothing

“Either God is everything or God is nothing.” In a Big Book meeting a while back they read the phrase above, and I argued that there was plenty of room in the middle of those two conditions, and that in … Continue reading

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